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PhRMA Compliant

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Genuity Concepts offers a comprehensive selection of PhRMA compliant products that is unmatched in the marketplace for the Pharmaceutical marketing and patient education. Our current client list includes many Fortune 500 drug companies marketing internationally.

Our management and designs team have a keen understanding of PhRMA Guideline compliance and needs help to design products appropriate for medical detail use. Genuity Concepts’ Certified Medical Illustration (CMI) team has years of experience in bringing compliant and accurate information to each project.

Pill Boxes

Patient Compliance Pill Caddies

Genuity aids clients to design pill carriers geared to dosing and schedule compliance. This monthly pill kit is constructed with a rigid outer case with four detachable weekly pill tray. It also features a dry erase card to record daily compliance.

Patient Starter Kits

Complete Kits

Keeping a new patient’s prescription all in one place with pertinent literature, prescribing information and patient education materials is a common thread in the pharma world. Genuity offer design, manufacturing, and kit assembly.

Patient Starter Bag

Keeping patient education materials all in one place drives dosing compliance and makes the onboarding process easier for patients and HCP’s at every level.

Patient Travel Coolers

Keeping Injectables Temperate

Maintaining proper temperature range is a key to potency for most pharmaceutical injectables. Genuity offers design, manufacturing, and independent testing resources in producing coolers for a wide variety of pharmaceutical clients worldwide.

Custom Travel Cooler

Patient Travel Bags

Auto Injector Travel Cases

Genuity will design sleek travel cases for syringes and auto-injectors. Kept with patient education and prescribing information, these case are invaluable to patients and HCP’s to drive compliance.

Anatomical Models

Custom and Stock Designs

Genuity offers a wide range of anatomical models. These can be completely customized or incorporate off-the-shelf anatomical components.

Genuity will work with your internal CMI resources or agency resources to produce your anatomical model accurately to meet you regulatory compliance standards.

Patient Engagement Tools

Exam Room Talkers

Drive patient education and compliance via custom countertop engagement tools to start the conversation between patients and HCP’s.

Privacy Engagement Tools

This tools was designed to be encased discretely in an exam room as opened as need to engage patient as to the stages to erectile dysfunction (ED). Very simple. It proved extremely effective for starting a conversation with a handy tactile reference.

Exam Room Counter Mats

Patient Education made simple. Start a conversation. Review dosing compliance. Explain the method-of-action (MOA) for your pharmaceutical products. Custom counter mats are perfect communicators.

Demonstration Tools

Genuity will design custom tools to demonstrate a wide variety of medical tactics and conditions to patients and HCP’s, Topics such as disease states, method-of-action (MOA), and drug delivery best practices can be communicated clearly with tactile models.

Education Models

Liquid Filled Models

Genuity designed this liquid filled comparison model to show the method-of-action (MOA) for this client’s drug. Educating patients and HCP’s as to product benefits is often best demonstrated with a tactile exam room tool.

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