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What is PhRMA Compliance?


The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is an independent organization whose membership includes most leading pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers in the United States. The organization oversees many important initiatives within the industry. One such initiative is the ongoing development of voluntary codes and guidelines outlining best practices insofar as the sales and marketing of products sold by its member companies.


The PhRMA Code was updated in January of 2009 to establish new sales and marketing guidelines insofar as the use of sales detail aids and patient compliance tools by member companies and its representatives to the healthcare community. This latest initiate focuses on medical education among health care providers (HCP) and patients. Detail aids, leave-behinds, patient starter kits, patient lifestyle and dosing compliance tools must prove educational and value-added to the healthcare environment without being merely gratuitous in nature.


Genuity Concepts has worked closely with member companies and their regulatory entities to develop products and programs that remain compliant and pertinent to the marketing and sales detail efforts of each specific pharmaceutical product. Creativity and functionality insofar as education for health care providers and patients are the driving factors. Genuity strives to create value for the marketer to enhance HCP-to-patient interaction, while remaining PhRMA compliant in doing so.


Offering a comprehensive selection of stock and custom PhRMA compliant products that is unmatched in the marketplace for the pharmaceutical marketing and patient education, Genuity Concept's client list includes most Fortune 500 drug companies internationally. Genuity’s management and design teams have a keen understanding of PhRMA Guideline compliance and products appropriate for medical detail and patient use. Genuity Concepts’ Certified Medical Illustration (CMI) team has years of experience in bringing compliant and accurate information to each project.


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