“Design ahead of your time to generate branding endurance.”
Combine quality and functionality while striving to capture the essence of your brand.  Our single minded philosophy for custom engineered specialty promotional items has earned Genuity Concepts the reputation as one of the leading custom promotional item suppliers in the industry.





Custom Engineered Promotions



Develop the Idea


Genuity Concepts will consult with you and your team to consider your target market, project scope, and budget requirements to accomplish the objective of your promotion. The ideas will flow to give you numberous “virtual” product concepts to consider.





Engineer the Solution


Our in house design teams work with state-of-the-art rendering and engineering software to provide “virtual” and ultimately “pre-production” samples for your consideration. Packaging, logo decoration, and product presentation will all come to form virtually. If applicable, all patent and import considerations will be researched in-house. As part of our services, our team will also consider competitive programs and market assessments.





Produce the Product, Deliver the Result


Genuity Concepts will manage the production process via our offices in the USA and Hong Kong to ensure that quality and on-time delivery goals are exceeded each and every time! Our track record is excellent, and our client base has grown to trust our expertise while relishing our personal customer service.


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Your Perfect Match for Promotional Products



The hallmark of Genuity Concepts’ product offerings is design, customization, quality, and value. Our in-house design team can work with your company to develop unique promotional items to meet your company’s promotional needs. In addition, Genuity Concepts works with a far-reaching manufacturing base to source existing promotional products from around the world!


Superior product construction, state-of-the-art decoration, and on-time project delivery have created a winning corporate equation and have made our company one of the fastest growing supply sources in the promotional products industry.


Let us design what your specific project requires. Genuity holds numerous worldwide design patents. This is a reflection of our proven creativity and consistent results.


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