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Using Corporate Promotional Items Effectively

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to effectively use corporate promotional items.

1. Meeting with the Qualified Buyer


Make a profound impact on the qualified decision maker by spending more for the corporate promotional items that you select. The cheaper the item and the more "run-of-the-mill" it is, the more likely it will wind up out of sight, out of mind. Your corporate promotional items must have context: They have to be creative but they must also relate to your business and the person to whom it is being sent. Then, rather than place all of your marketing "eggs" in one promotional mailing basket, split your mailings out and send them quarterly instead. This gives the recipient an introduction then at least two opportunities to become aware of you and your brand before you call and request a meeting.


2. Giveaways or Gifts for Trade Shows and Events?


Trade shows and events present you with face time to a vast number of potential clients. The only problem is that your competitors are vying for the same prospects' time and attention. Determine long before you go how much time you need to present your company's value to prospective clients and whether meeting with fewer quality prospects makes more sense than brief minutes with a larger number of prospects. Corporate promotional gifts make sense if you're spending a lot more time with fewer individuals: They get an in-depth explanation of your value and a branded token that keeps you "front of mind." Larger audiences mean shorter presentation time in which case a giveaway (drawing) may be just what you need.


3. Direct Mail in Your Customer Shipments


If you manufacture and ship products to your customers, always include at least one promotional item in the shipment that your customer won't be tempted to toss away. Call it a free gift if you like but it (1) introduces new or other products you have that may benefit your customer, (2) will very likely be used (and liked) by your customer and, (3) it creates customer loyalty. Plus, you're reducing the cost of advertising by including direct mail to customers. Include your catalog and perhaps some valuable discounts but always, always include corporate promotional items in your shipments.


4. Retain Customers with Corporate Promotional Gifts


Whether or not it's a holiday, the value of sending corporate promotional gifts cannot be stressed enough. Consider sending a gift along with a "Happy Anniversary" card when the time comes for your customers to renew their contract. Or, offer incentive programs to encourage customers to increase the amount they spend with your company. Birthday gifts let your customers know that you remembered their special day and again, keeps you and your company "front of mind."


Genuity Concept's personal, consultative approach will help your company develop and implement the best corporate promotional items, trade show give-aways, and direct mail pieces to suit your needs as well as budget. Request a quote or contact Genuity Concepts for more information.


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