“Design ahead of your time to generate branding endurance.”
Combine quality and functionality while striving to capture the essence of your brand.  Our single minded philosophy for custom engineered specialty promotional items has earned Genuity Concepts the reputation as one of the leading custom promotional item suppliers in the industry.





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“Promotional advertising in the purest sense helps companies of every size to deliver a branding message to the grass roots decision maker of their product or service in the most direct way with practical reach and frequency.  Executed deftly, a promotional program that combines quality, representative style, timeliness, and functionality will give an unparallel return on a company’s advertising investment.”

Genuity Concepts was founded in 2003 by John Delaney and Misty McCall and now employs an experienced team of marketing, account management, graphic design, product design, and certified medical illustration specialists.
Companies from around the world come to us to answer these basic questions about promotional products and creative promotional advertising programs; What should we do?  What products and methods will work best to suit our client’s targets and budgets?  How do we do it?  We answer these questions via in-depth analysis of brand personality and target analysis, ad campaign compatibility, product innovation and design, presentation packaging, and interactive media.


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